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Merchant Accounts
Accept Credit Cards

Without a doubt, you need to accept credit cards on your website.

Only a very, very small percentage of buyers will take the time to call in an order or
print an order form and send a MO or check. People that shop online are usually
comfortable and familiar with online purchases, besides their credit card company usually
protects them if there is a problem, So having a Merchant Account is a must.


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What is a Merchant Account? It's an account for a retailer, like you,  to accept credit cards.

There are many, many companies that would like you to use their services to take credit card payments. They make a lot of money doing so.


PayPal is one of the top companies on the Net, but why use them? If a customer has a credit card, they'd rather not have the hassle of going through PayPal unless they have a PayPal balance they'd like to spend. Make it easy for them by getting a REAL merchant account. What do i mean by real?

Many companies like 2checkout.com, ClickBank and others have a merchant account and process credit cards FOR you and charge a substantial fee for the convenience. many will even hold a large percentage of your funds for up to 6 months to cover charge backs. A small amount may be normal and is good business for a new account like yours. If you already have a business and merchant account, just check with them about making sales online BEFORE you start taking them. The discount rate is usually 2.25 - 3%.

This is the company many of my clients use and they are great. CLICK HERE to APPLY

98% of all applicants are approved!

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