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Make Money with Niche Sites

Starting a niche site can be fun! You should start with something you like and are knowledgeable
about or have someone write the content for you on a high-paying niche site. the choice is yours -
and don't stop with just one!

You can incorporate niche pages within your website, adding to your income as people click away.

Do some research on Overture or Google and see what they are paying for clicks in your business
or other areas of interest and then find keywords relating to that subject with little competition so you can get people to your site. You can research keywords and keyword phrases as wordtracker.com
for about $8 a day or less. This can also help you decide what subject to set up a website for.

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Remember, you want low competition, searches daily and high paying keywords ( a dollar or more). And use us for all of your website needs.

Website Hosting Company

You will need a cheap but reliable website hosting company. The web site hosting company I use is only $5 a month! They also own and manage their OWN servers 24/7, which is very important.

You never want to use a web hosting reseller. That means a company who is reselling another company's services. You want to be able to speak to the people who know what they're doing and are right there at the servers, if there's a problem and you're losing money because your site is down?

This web hosting company has friendly TOLL FREE customer support.

For $5 this web hosting company will set you up with 500 MB of space; many times more than you will EVER need. For $12.99 you can get enough room for 3 websites! $19.99 will get you SIX web sites. Go HERE now - no matter WHO you use to set up your site. 



Now go have fun and remember to optimize!

Sign up at GOOGLE for an account AFTER your website is complete. Your site is checked for content by a real live human! If you are denied, drop me a line and I will get your site fixed so that they will accept you. 

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