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More on Search Engine Optimization

So how is a page optimized? The search term we want to go after should be in the title of the page, 
the url, in the heading and first paragraph of the page and should have a relevancy of 15-20%
depending on the search engine. That means that the content of the page is written around the search
term or product.

Look at the results in Google for Motor Silk. That brings up a page I put up for a client on another
website, that is written around that term. Look Here It's in the #1 spot on Google out of 641,000.
Note how that search term is highlighted in bold, in the title, in the text 4 times AND in the url. This
is the perfect optimized page and actually ranks higher than all the competitors. (This is a good link
for them and is an example of how this kind of linking can drive more traffic to your site.)

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A side note: Other Advantages of having links on other websites - with key phrases

There are side benefits to having lots of links containing your search term. 

Click here to see another search on MSN. My client's site is #1. But you will also notice that there are 4 other sites containing the same phrase. When you go to those pages, they all point (send you) back to my client's site when you click on the link. More free traffic.

The other advantage is that with all of these results on page one THE COMPETITOR's SITES ENDED UP ON PAGE 2! Rarely does anyone ever go to page 2 of the results if there is plenty to be found on page 1. This is a landfall for my client. 



Now back to Search Engine Optimization...

After we find the best search terms to go after initially, we optimize pages around those phrases with good content - not fluff. This way that page on your website is likely to come up before a competitors.

Finding the best terms is a mathematical equation. Finding out how many searches are done daily is part of it and then finding out how many competitive sites there are for that terms is another part. The more hits you get and the less competition there is, the better. This is where NICHE SITES come into play.

This doesn't happen overnight but with a structured Search Engine Optimization plan like ours, it does happen. We can put a plan together for any budget or timeframe!



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