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Niche Sites with Search Engine Optimization
Insurance or Satellite TV?

Niche sites are merely those which cater to a particular theme/idea/industry and have plenty of
searches and low competition.

We saw earlier how the search term INSURANCE came up with 234 Million sites competing
against each other. That is definitely one to stay away from if you are interested in getting lots of
traffic and getting advertising revenue. That's right, you can make money from people adver-
tising on YOUR website.

Let's take a look at a popular industry: Satellite TV. 475,000 people searched for Satellite TV in
one month on Overture, a PayPerClick search engine. More on how to utilize PayPerClick traffic.

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There are people paying Overture up to $5.35 per CLICK to send someone to their website. That isn't per SALE but per customer just LOOKING at their site. They are paying $5 even for TV Satellite Dish. 

How to Install Satellite TV is another good one at $2.42 per click.

What does this mean to you? Well if you were to build a website all around Satellite TV then you could put GOOGLE ADS on your website and they would pay you a portion of the money they get paid for every click. many people are making more money from people clicking on their ads, than from their website.

What does it look like? 


To get customers, you could put up a web page optimized with the search term "dish network program guide" for which there are only 436 competing sites. Since we know that dish network program guide is an exact phrase that is being searched for, it should be relatively easy to get customers coming to your website - to that particular page, where you would have Google AdSense ads! You may have some $1, $2, $4 or even $5 ads on there and you'll get a piece of that pie!

There are many other good search terms for Satellite TV that are not being utilized. Some have ZERO competition yet have 46 searches a day! 46 searchers with some clicking on my dollar plus ads would be real nice.

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