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Professional Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is all about getting your website noticed and ranked high for relevancy.
How does a search engine know that your site is relevant - relevant enough to be on the first page? 
It looks for content that is: 

1. perfectly matched   2. closely matched   3. similar

Being exactly matched gets you closer to the first page, or on it, depending on the competition. For
example, a search on MSN for Motor Silk Saves Gas brings a client's site up in the #1 spot. This
is an exact match. Even though there are other companies selling the same product, they came up #1
out of 13, 910

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A search for Boron CLS Bond brings up my client's site in the #2 spot on Google. (The other website is older). However, a search for Boron Bond sends both sites off of the page entirely because that term isn't found as an exact match on any of their pages. Not a problem for them, since no one ever searches for that term. But if they did, their site wouldn't be there.

If the search is closely matched, it will bring up the site in the next set of results, be it on the second page or page thirty, once there are no other exact matches. Some search engines are now bringing up results that have similar meanings but that isn't where you want to be at all. Page one - with exact matches is what you want.

How do we do that?

First we find the most searched terms - with the least competition. There is no point trying to get a #1 spot for a search term like how to save gas when there are 96,400 competing sites, when you can use A way to save on gas with only 204 competing sites and the SAME NUMBER of SEARCHES daily! Search Engine Optimization is all about getting the traffic that is the easiest to get first and then you can work on the others. 

Search for INSURANCE and you will find 232 MILLION sites.

Change that to CAR INSURANCE and you will see there are "only" 24,6000,000 sites. That's only 10% as much competition.

How about CHEAP CAR INSURANCE? You've cut that figure in half, to 12,100,000 

Now let's try CHEAP CAR INSURANCE FL and now you have just  1,180,000 sites. You are now almost 2000 times more likely to get a website to the first page and if you have an insurance company in FL, your traffic is also now more qualified.

What if your car insurance business was in Sarasota FL? Now there are only 54,900 competing sites. See how choosing the RIGHT keyword phrases works for you?

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