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Professional Search Engine Submission Service

...at the words and phrases actually searched for to find things. We use sophisticated software
programs and web logs to find those key words and phrases that would otherwise elude you. There
are many phrases that are being searched for that are not even being capitalized on. We will cover
that subject more in Niche Sites.

Never ever use an automated search engine submitter. They are too generic and don't do all
good job across the board. And don't fall prey to the ones that claim there are thousands of search
engines. There are only a dozen or so REAL search engines that will give you any traffic. All of the
others are simply FFA or Free For All sites where your ad MAY show up for a few minutes before
being kicked off and you are guaranteed to get LOTS of SPAM as a result of being on one of these
boards as they are being harvested for e-mail addresses constantly.

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The BEST Way to Get Automatically Submitted

Search engine crawlers or robots scour the web constantly, analyzing and indexing sites - but they don't do this randomly. They either index a site after it is submitted to them or they find it through links on other sites. If they aren't told you are there and where you are, you will NEVER get on ANY search engine. That's why we submit and get links on other sites so that the search engine crawlers or robots KNOW you are there.

It's important to have those links to your site on sites that are already indexed and appearing on search engines. It's even more important to have links on sites that are highly ranked. That helps push you up the ladder. If you can get links on other related sites, so much the better.

We can handle all aspects of your linking strategy to:

  1. Get your site indexed quickly
  2. Get your site to rank higher in the search engines
  3. To get traffic from other sites to yours.

It's important that all of this is done right. Some back-door techniques that other use can get you BANNED from search engines and we know you don't want that!

Get your website and web pages optimized for the search engines so that you can get traffic, which is what it's all about. We are the ones for the job. Remember, there are some searches being done with NO COMPETITION and YOU can be getting those visitors going to YOUR website right away.

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